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HR Advisory - Upskilling Reskilling

New global economic and social scenarios ask individuals to be resilient to change, more responsible, inclusive and proactive and to act quickly and creatively. Companies are asking people to learn new ways and tools, to express their full potential in both Knowing how to do and Knowing how to be, and to integrate their personal and professional values with those of the organisation. We use traditional Organisational Resource Development tools to support companies with or without an HR function. We start by diagnosing the company's resources, their functions and performance, to help organisations be more competitive and evolve.

Meta Coaching

Meta-Coaching is an advanced, systemic and organised coaching approach. This maieutic modality, combined with cognitive, emotional and sensory strategies, enables individuals to develop high levels of self-awareness, intuition, sensitivity and perception, unlocking the great potential of personal qualities.
In particular, our Meta-Coaching model uses different tools and techniques to understand and manage our intelligence, cognitive, emotional and intuitive by fostering the maximum development of one's Know-How to Be and Know-How to Do, leading people to work on two levels:

1. the plan of individual functioning mechanisms related to professional skills

2. the plan of behaviours that people adopt when deploying competences, skills, qualities and resources in the professional environment.

Neuroperformance Assessment

We have created several assessment tools based on the application of Cognitive Neuroscience combined with traditional competence mapping processes. Our tools investigate the individual's Knowing How to Do and Knowing How to Be dimensions within companies. They provide an integrated view of the functioning of the individual, his or her potential, performance levels, the ability to manage the professional role and certain competences that are fundamental for managing today's business world in a conscious manner.
These tools are addressed to the world of companies and freelancers, to all entrepreneurs and managers eager to learn more about their 'intelligent working mechanisms', how these influence performance and leadership.

Education and Training

Training and education are complementary. Training provides knowledge of professional tools and skills; education fosters the learning of culture and values. One trains Know-How and the other Know-How to prepare resources to take companies into the future. We use a top-down and bottom-up approach and work with both experienced resources and young talent.

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