What We Do

Our methods and tools are designed to address the concrete challenges of the world of work.
From advanced evaluation methods to tailor-made coaching programmes, each tool has been developed to improve the performance and well-being of individuals and organisations.



HR Advisory - Upskilling and Reskilling

We use traditional HR development tools Organisational Resource Development to support companies with or without an HR function. We start by diagnosing the company's resources, their functions and performance, to help organisations be more competitive and evolve.

Neurocognitive Meta Coaching

Neurocognitive Meta Coaching (NMC©) is an advanced, systemic and organised coaching approach, enriched by the dimensions of Cognitive Neuroscience. Specifically, the Neurocognitive Meta Coaching model that we have developed uses various integrated tools and techniques to help us work better, understand how we function and become more aware of our behaviour on a professional and personal level.
Neurocognitive Meta Coaching leads people to work on two levels:
1. the plan of individual functioning mechanisms related to professional skills;
2. the plan of behaviours that people adopt when deploying soft skills, qualities and resources in the professional environment.

Neuroperformance Assessment

We have created several Assessment tools based on the application of Cognitive Neuroscience combined with traditional competence mapping processes. Our tools are designed to investigate a person's functioning in the dimensions of Knowing How to Be and the Know-How. They provide an integrated view of his or her potential, performance levels, ability to manage the professional role and some fundamental skills to work more consciously.

Education and Training

Training and education are complementary: one trains know how to do and the other know how to be to prepare people to lead the organisations they work for into the future. Training provides knowledge of professional tools and skills; education fosters the learning of culture and values.
Our approach is strongly experiential.

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