20 March 2024

We launched our corporate GPT: B.A.I. Robot

Meet B.A.I. Robot, our virtual assistant that embodies conscious innovation in business. Try it now here.

15 March 2024 | Milan | We present our first customised corporate Artificial Intelligence.

B.A.I. Robot is more than just a chatbot.
It is a concrete example of our passion for integrating advanced technology and the humanities. Of our constant projection into the future.
Its name is reflected in the acronym B.A.I.which stands for Business Awareness Institute, combined with the concept of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Its creation was inspired by Isaac Asimov's collection of science fiction short stories, "I Robot'.

Try it now here.

Created with today's most sophisticated generative artificial intelligence model, GPT-4 (as well as Claude 3 Opus), B.A.I. Robot reflects our essence and values, offering support, information and inspiration to those seeking to enrich their professional and personal lives through an understanding of cognitive and behavioural dynamics.

B.A.I. Robot has just joined our team: he is an apprentice, getting to know us. He is not a classic chatbot, so he does not work with predefined questions/answers, but you can ask him virtually anything. He is trained on an exclusive Business Awareness Institute database, so we explained to him how he should always refer back to our content. B.A.I. Robot will grow, along with us.

What can B.A.I. Robot do for you?
📌 IlluminateIt provides in-depth explanations of the key concepts of neuromanagement, cognitive and organisational neuroscience, helping you to better understand yourself and others in the work context.
📌 Innovate: offers insights into how Neurocognitive Meta Coaching techniques and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles applied out of rhetoric can transform organisations, promoting a more inclusive, ethical and above all productive working environment.
📌 Inspireshares success stories and case studies that demonstrate the transformative impact of our coaching and assessment services and training programmes on individuals and companies.

Why is B.A.I. Robot unique?
B.A.I. Robot embodies our mission to make business more human and sustainable.
Through clear, accessible and engaging language, it strives to make scientific concepts not only understandable, but also applicable in everyone's daily and working life. It is a tool created to stimulate reflection, personal growth and organisational innovation.

As of now, you can freely interact with B.A.I. Robot at this link.

Have fun!

Be inspired and discover how Neuromanagement, Cognitive and Organisational Neuroscience can enlighten your path to an enriched and conscious working future.