Next Gen @Work


Over the past two years, BAInstitute has spontaneously turned its attention to the New Generations who are entering or are just now crossing the threshold of the world of work. This is how the NextGen@work laboratory was born, whose mission is to observe the behaviour of young and 'future talents', decode their needs, interpret their motivational drives, understand what drives them, excites and enthuses them, and facilitate their entry into the constantly changing professional dimension.


We want to create a bridge between the New Generations and the entrepreneurs, managers and leaders who lead companies. 
On the one hand we provide young people with the tools they need to face today's challenges (digitisation, big quit, sustainability, skill revolution, hybrid workplace, digital transformation, value gap, innovation), on the other hand we help companies understand who the 'New Young People' are, how to motivate them, stimulate them, attract them, listen to them and interact with them! 


We realise observatories, seminars, workshops, round tables, assessment tools and real projects for sharing and training between the two dimensions.

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