25 July 2023

What is Human Innovation: a Manifesto

Imagine living in a world where all people are in harmony with each other and with the natural laws of the planet.

A world where every individual is treated with love, dignity, respect, educated to live balanced lifestyles. A world where every individual decides to live cooperating with love and peace. A world where everyone is supported in realising their unique individual creative potential.

Imagine living in a world where the basic needs of humanity are the rights of all and where global society works together to create a benevolent life, beautifulinclusive, peaceful.

We want to help create this world: a world in which the value of ethics is universally recognised in business, in finance, in science, in education, in politics.

A world of trustworthy, transparent, competent leaders who act with compassion, honesty, integrity, soundness, and in truth.

A world where each person thinks for themselves, is aware of their responsibility to themselves and to the world in which they live.

We want to be new humanslearning to use our own potential, our mental and creative capacities, our emotions, our intuitions to the full.

We want to be humans who feel powerful, balanced, in harmony with ourselves and others, with the planet we inhabit.

We can only be new humans if we learn to know who we are. If we learn to grow. If we learn to evolveto build this new world every day.

And now, it is time to choose what we really want.

This is the moment.

And you, what do you want?