10 May 2017


To transform means to initiate a change of (psychic) state. By state ontologically we mean a real psychic or energy state that possesses its own characteristics at the level of intellect, emotion, behaviour e ideologies. Once a state has been developed, it does not disappear and the person cannot accidentally return to a lower state of development; on the contrary, if work or social culture forces us to operate in a state lower than the last one developed, we will be in trouble.

Below are the different states and possible stages of development towards a Increasingly Aware Leadership:

  • The Opportunist - self-centred and manipulative, does not trust others
  • The Diplomat - conforms to group rules and avoids conflict
  • The Expert - exercises control by perfecting himself at work and in his personal life
  • The Achiever - achieves all goals, including strategic ones
  • The Individualist - self-focused
  • The Strategist - generates transformation both on a personal level and for the organisation in which he/she is embedded
  • The Alchemist - generating social transformation

Today's winning leaders are those who manage to make the transition to the states of Conscious Leadership, i.e. those who manage to be Strategists and Alchemists