12 September 2016


But who is the successful leader? And what meaning is to be given to the success of a leader?

A successful leader is a leader who values his or her people and is able to involve them across the board because he or she is aware that employee motivation and commitment influence the organisation's performance and results.

The focus of successful leadership is therefore not on the leader, but on the "others". A leader's task is in fact to help his or her collaborators to grow and to remove any obstacles, the most frequent of which are interpersonal conflicts and uncertainties. One of the leaders' priorities must be to get to know their team and learn what resources and conditions they need to perform at their best.

For people to be committed to their task, they must know the reasons why their work is important, and they must be able to perceive that their efforts make a difference and can contribute significantly to the achievement of a larger goal. Great leaders communicate this Purpose in the form of Vision e Mission (a desire for the future and a common goal), which is why they must master the strategic storytellingthat is, the ability to evoke, through simple and inclusive language, stimulating images that draw on the values and dreams of others, thereby inspiring them and making them understand the clear link between commitment, dedication and the better future they can contribute to realising. To achieve this, the leader's behaviour must be aligned and consistent with the values and strategies: this will benefit their profits and their reputation and credibility.