25 January 2024

The Human Essence of Sustainability: How Human Factors Intertwine with the Environment and the Economy in the Social Pillar of ESG

In sustainability discourse, we often focus too much, if not exclusively, on environmental and economic aspects, but it is the social pillar - the 'S' in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) - and therefore primarily human, truly embodying what may be the concrete essence of sustainability. 

Business Awareness Institute believes that human factors are the beating heart that connects and strengthens the other two pillars.

It cannot be otherwise.

🌿 Interaction with the environmentThe relationship between human and environmental factors is deeply intertwined. Individual and collective decisions directly influence environmental impact. The environment, and its declination into an ecosystem, has a profound effect on human living.
The promotion of a corporate culture that is aware of the environment - the one close to us, outside and inside us, that we live and breathe every day, far from global discourses of which there is in any case no full understanding - helps us to understand how every human action has a reflection on the natural world. A working environment that respects and values nature - again, the one that acts in us, in our metabolism, in our psyche, in our functioning mechanisms - contributes to the well-being of employees, creating a virtuous circle of respect and care for what surrounds us.

đź’° Interaction with the economyresearch and market analysis show that companies that successfully integrate ESG into their growth strategies outperform their peers in terms of financial performance. This success stems from the ability of these companies to combine steady, profitable growth with a commitment to sustainability. Companies that excel in these areas, often referred to as "triple outperformers", they not only achieve higher growth of 10% per year, but also outperform their peers in terms of total returns to shareholders. When a company invests in its human resources - through training, professional development, creating a work environment that promotes well-being and satisfaction - a virtuous circle is created. Valued and motivated employees are more productive, innovative and loyal to the company, factors that translate into greater operational efficiency and increased profits. This increase in profit allows the company to further reinvest in its human resources, thus enhancing the value created for employees and the organisation as a whole. 

The 'S' of ESG is not an isolated pillar: is the foundation on which a sustainable future is built in all its dimensions

Business Awareness Institute is committed to exploring and strengthening this indissoluble link by promoting an approach to work that is balanced, sustainable and ethically awarewhere each individual is recognised as a key player in building a prosperous world.