Scientific Basis

The methods and tools we use, as well as the services we offer, are concrete, innovative, scientifically validated and based on:

Cognitive Neuroscience and
Neuroscience of Organisations

Cognitive Neuroscience - CN
They are that scientific field that studies biological processes and aspects underlying cognition, with the aim of understanding how the brain creates thoughtsfeelings, emotions, cognitions and guides our behaviour and social interactions.

Neuroscience of Organisations - ON
They are an emerging field of research that integrates the study of human behaviour and the brain functioning in the working sphereapplying the results to business issues such as strategic management, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship and performance.

They have a strong multidisciplinary character and take inspiration from: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, Ethology and Anthropology.

Multiple Intelligences Model

This is the model we consider when working with our customers

Human Factors

Our methods and tools work on operating mechanisms of people in the professional sphere that help them acquire new skills, improve competences and achieve a good level of self-awareness and an optimal state of functioning 

Knowing How to Be

Intelligent operating mechanisms

Perception of self and others
Perception of the environment
Imagination and intuition
Sixth sense (creativity)
Use of language (storytelling)



Skills and

Upskilling, Re-skilling
Lifelong learning