21 December 2016


The world of business is highly competitive and therefore even the slightest change within an organisation can give it a big advantage over the competition.

Most companies focus on producing new products or improving customer service, both vital to business success, but it is very important to focus more on employees. By focusing on employees and their peace of mind within the company, the growth potential of your organisation will increase exponentially.

Richard Branson, one of the most respected successful entrepreneurs, agrees that the key to success lies in attracting the happier and therefore more efficient employees. This key works like this: entrepreneurs take care of their employees, who in return take care of their customers, who in turn take care of the business, and so the result is that it is the organisation itself that then takes care of the entrepreneur.

Winning the Competition

Here are four ways to transform your business by focusing on employees:

  • Show employees that you really appreciate what they do for the organisation

Employees are precious and not easily replaceable, so talking to them with respect and empathy, inviting them to a common moment outside the company once a month, and maybe giving them a day off every now and then for personal reasons will help make them grateful to work for someone who really cares about them.

  • Create incentives that motivate employees

Performance incentives are a motivating factor for the employee towards achieving his or her goals. They can be small weekly or monthly incentives such as a free lunch of your choice or a monetary bonus, or offering a paid day off immediately after the achievement of a goal. Providing incentives is another way of showing your employees that they are appreciated for the work they do.

  • Share your goals with employees

Sharing goals with employees will allow them to be aligned with your thinking and better understand which direction to take. By doing so, they will feel an integral part of the organisation, they will feel more comfortable, and their personal involvement in achieving the company's goals will be far greater.

  • Embrace the ideas of your employees

Sometimes employees have the best ideas because they work closely with customers, experience customers' reactions in certain situations and receive direct feedback. Encouraging and embracing employees' ideas is good both for the business itself, which is constantly evolving and updating, and for the motivation and peace of mind of employees who are able to actively contribute. If employees see their ideas being put into practice, they will feel fulfilled and will be even more spurred on to give their best.

There are many ways to grow an organisation, some of them very expensive, but only changing the mindset and attitude to all those who work for you you will achieve something much bigger than growth: it will be the employees themselves who give incentives and want to contribute to the growth of the business, and this human value is priceless.