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We create Human and Business Innovation, we want a humanly sustainable and fair business world where the value of ethics is recognised universally, where each person is first and foremost a self-aware and responsible leader. A world of trustworthy, transparent, competent leaders who act with passion, honesty, integrity and soundness and who know how to convey passion and enthusiasm.

We free, develop and train people's know how and know how to be (Human Factors) by working on their dimensions of functioning, their competences and intelligences. We lead people to develop leadership characterised by heartfulness and awareness in order to innovate themselves and the companies in which they work.

We use models based on neuroscience and evolutionary leadership concepts, which foster the sustainability of individuals in the world of work and business

About Us

We are a Advisory Boutique specialising in the development, education and behavioural change of people in companies

We use models based on the scientific data of Cognitive Neuroscience e Neuroscience of Organisations to foster the performance and well-being of individuals in the world of work and business

We work on the development of Human Factors which are the set of operating mechanisms of people (Know-How) and their competences and skills (Know-How)

What We Do

HR Advisory

Upskilling Reskilling

Meta Coaching

Neuroperformance Assessment

Education and Training

The Scientific Basis

The scientific basis we refer to is the Neuroscience of Organisations: an emerging, multidisciplinary research field that observes human behaviour and brain functioning in the work sphere to support people to work better and feel better  

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