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What We Want

We want to help transform the world of work towards a dimension that is humanly sustainable and fair, where each person is first and foremost conscious and responsible leader of itself.
A working world populated by trustworthy, transparent, competent leaders who act with honesty, integrity and solidity and who grow their organisations by building on these values.

About Us

We are a group of professionals specialising in cognitive neuroscience e behavioural change to support working people and their organisations.
We use models based on the scientific data of Cognitive Neuroscience e Neuroscience of Organisations to foster the performance and well-being of individuals in the world of work.
We work on the development of people's functioning mechanisms (Knowing How to Be) and their competences (Know-How), so that they can work better and be better.

What We Do

Our methods and tools are designed to address the concrete challenges of the world of work.
From advanced assessment methods to tailor-made coaching programmes, each tool was developed to improve the performance and well-being of individuals and organisations.

HR Advisory

Upskilling Reskilling

Neurocognitive Meta Coaching

Neuroperformance Assessment

Education and Training

The Scientific Basis

The scientific basis we refer to is the Cognitive Neuroscience. It is an emerging, multidisciplinary field of research that observes human behaviour and brain functioning in the work sphere to support people to work better and be better.ย 

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Against Resilience: the Anti-Fragility

Against Resilience: the Anti-Fragility

In the contemporary context, resilience is often considered an indispensable virtue. However, it only represents a starting point. Resilience, borrowed from materials science, describes the ability to absorb elastic deformations without suffering permanent damage.

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